Encouraging all staff within a school or college to promote careers education means that students can make connections between subjects and links to roles and sectors that may form part of their career exploration and planning. Directing staff to relevant and useful content or providing CPD sessions on linking careers to the curriculum can ensure that teaching staff can be part of the careers provision for the school, helping students understand a bigger application of subject content and its relevance in making future choices. Linking careers to the curriculum is covered by Gatsby Bench Mark 4. 

In 2018 the Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Careers Hub in partnership with a local employer and school piloted a project affecting curriculum delivery that saw an increase in Maths attainment and also student understanding of the world of construction - one of our locally important growth sectors. Following the pilot project, the hub over the last 3 years has been developing, scaling up and replicating the pilot through the rollout of the hubs Benchmark 4 framework. The framework connects schools and businesses together to impact the delivery of the curriculum, developing real-life lesson plans delivered in the classroom linked to school improvement impact measures, building a creative enriched curriculum and bridging the local skills gaps.