Since 2011, it has become the responsibility of schools and colleges to ensure provision of, and access to, careers support and guidance.  

The Department for Education published it’s revised statutory guidance for careers provision in July 2021 and applies to schools and colleges in England, although there are slight differences in requirements. 

This statutory guidance is for: 

  • governing bodies 
  • school and college leaders 
  • career leaders and staff in maintained schools 
  • academies 
  • free schools (including alternative provision academies and free schools) 
  • colleges (that provide secondary education and post-16 education) 
  • local authorities that maintain pupil referral units 

Statutory guidance is issued by law, you must follow it unless there is a good reason not to. 

It applies to: 

  • all students in school from year 8 to year 13 
  • all students in college up to and including the age of 18 
  • students aged up to 25 with a current education, health and care plan in place 

This guidance is part of the Skills for Jobs White Paper that sets out our vision to transform skills and training. 

The Careers and Enterprise Company will provide external support to schools and colleges. 

The above is taken from: Statutory guidance overview: Careers guidance and access for education and training providers - GOV.UK ( 

This Careers and Enterprise Company report presents trends in careers education over the 2020/21 academic year. It is focused on areas relevant to current debates and where there has been substantial change since before the pandemic: Trends in Careers Education 2021 | The Careers and Enterprise Company


Roles and responsibilities of schools according to Careers Guidance and Access for Training Providers published by the UK Government in 2021: 

“Every school should appoint a named careers leader who has SLT backing, and protected time to carry out the role. 

Every school must name their Careers Leader and publish it on their website.

Every school must publish details of their careers programme - accessible to both students and parents.

Every school must ensure that every student had access to one to one careers guidance from Years 8 to 13.

Every school must ensure there is access from range of education and training providers for all students in years 8 to 13.

Every school must publish a policy statement about provider access and ensure that it is adhered to.

Every school must track student destination for 3 years after leaving KS4.

Every school should be using the Gatsby Benchmarks to develop a good careers service.”

Department for Education: Careers Guidance and access for education and training providers, July 2021