What is STEM?

STEM careers are roles that encompass any of the following subjects.  

  • Science 
  • Technology  
  • Engineering  
  • Maths 

The term covers a set of skills that fit alongside these academic disciplines and fit into career sectors and roles. It is envisaged that STEM subjects will be needed for many future careers.  

By engaging students in activities that use STEM skills, we are encouraging knowledge of the sector and roles, understanding how curriculum content can link to a future career and raising aspirations.  

What is STEAM?

The STEM sector now incorporates Arts subjects and has broadened the scope of STEM career options. This means that arts subjects are connecting with STEM subjects and incorporated into a role. Here are some examples of STEAM roles that your students might want to explore:

Careers Leads can also find ideas for incorporating STEAM careers learning into lesson time in the links below. Using STEM/STEAM activities in school helps to meet Benchmark 4 by linking curriculum learning to careers, as well as providing information that contributes further to careers support, for example, a visit to a STEM organisation would also count towards Benchmarks 5 and/or 6. 

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