How do Supported Internships work?

Supported Internships are study programmes aiming to help you get a job. You are still with your college, school, or other education provider, but it is your final year where you spend more time out at a place of work.

Supported Internships have been created just for young people aged 16-24 with an Education, Health Care plan to help achieve paid employment. You are supported through your learning in the workplace by a job coach. The job coach joins you from your education provider to help smooth the way at work.

Supported internships are unpaid, and last for a minimum of six months, up to 12 months. Wherever possible, they support you to move into paid employment at the end of the programme.

Alongside your time working you complete a personalised study programme, which includes skills to help you at in working life, for example English and maths skills.

Why are Supported Internships good?

  • Up to 12 months on a work placement to get properly prepared to be able to get paid employment after.
  • Help to get into work by having the support of a trained job coach who can work with you and your employer.
  • Full support with the employability skills required from your college/education Provider.
  • Chance to have a structured transition from being in education to moving into work.

Finding a Supported Internship

A number of Post 16 Providers across the county currently offer Supported Internship programmes and these can be contacted directly: