£16,120 Average salary at age 20
£33,280 Average Salary
34 Average hours per week


Draughtspersons prepare technical drawings, plans, maps, charts and similar items.

Main Tasks

  • Examines design specification to determine general requirements;
  • Considers the suitability of different materials with regard to the dimensions and weight and calculates the likely fatigue, stresses, tolerances, bonds and threads;
  • Prepares design drawings, plans or sketches and checks feasibility of construction and compliance with safety regulations;
  • Prepares detailed drawings, plans, charts or maps that include natural features, desired surface finish, elevations, electrical circuitry and other details as required;
  • Arranges for completed drawings to be reproduced for use as working drawings.


Entrants usually possess GCSEs/S grades, BTEC/ SQA awards, an appropriate GNVQ/GSVQ or A levels/H grades. Further training consists of courses of study and supervised practical experience.

What Draughtspersons studied in higher education

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What Draughtspersons studied in higher education
Occupation Percentage Value
(L7) Human & social geography1
(W2) Design studies34
(H3) Mechanical engineering10
(C8) Psychology1
(H4) Aerospace engineering3
(F7) Science of aquatic & terrestrial environments1
(F6) Geology2
(F8) Physical geographical sciences6
(W6) Cinematics & photography2
(C7) Molecular biology, biophysics & biochemistry1
(H8) Chemical, process & energy engineering1
(K2) Building2
(K1) Architecture14
(H1) General engineering6
(H2) Civil engineering3
(M2) Law by topic1
(J9) Others in technology1
(F4) Forensic & archaeological sciences1
(H7) Production & manufacturing engineering2
(P3) Media studies1
(N2) Management studies1
(H6) Electronic & electrical engineering1
(I1) Computer science1

UK Prospects

44800 Workforce Size
0.52% Predicted growth 2024 - 2027
3989 Predicted Replacement 2024 - 2027

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