Staffordshire Jobs & Careers is a FREE job brokerage service developed by Staffordshire County Council to support businesses with recruitment needs in order to find "the right person for the right job”

The team of expert Employment Brokers will be able to offer advice and support with your recruitment requirements including training, apprenticeships, and work experience.

  • A FREE service to help meet the skills gaps and support local businesses to grow, promote economic growth and reduce recruitment costs
  • Access to potential candidates across Staffordshire with a range of skills and experience
  • Showcase your organisation and promote opportunities to enable you to reach and recruit from the local community
  • The Staffordshire Jobs & Careers team can offer you a comprehensive recruitment process including, CV sifting, face to face contact, pre-employment checks, to ensure you find the “right candidate for the right vacancy”
  • Aftercare packages including contact with both candidate and company for an agreed period after paid employment begins
  • Include links to Further and Higher Education providers, and Independent Private Providers promoting their vast choice of courses to support your employees
  • If you need to make staff redundant or experiencing growth and need to fill your job vacancies, the service can help.

“Staffordshire Jobs & Careers Brokerage have been a great source of support and guidance throughout the last year that Pets At Home has been preparing to open our new Fulfilment Centre in Stafford. I have had many introductions to key people in the local area that have been supportive in us recruiting the high volume of people we need.

The brokerage have been responsive to all requests of support and have consistently considered Pets At Home when there have been events happening in the area that we can get involved in. A very successful start to what I hope continues to be a great partnership for us in Stafford as we move from a project into a BAU model to resource for our site”

Nikki Marsden

Talent Acquisition Lead Pets at Home